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At Akasaka Church, regardless of nationality, age, or gender

They raise faith in each other, are full of hope , and are filled with love.
Some people have been given various gifts and are able to utilize them.
There must be a "gift from God" that you are not aware of.
Why don't you spend time together noticing your gifts?


Akasaka Church has consisted of people who are various nationalities, ages, sex. We will exalt our faith, be filled with Hope and Love with each other. Some have many talents and use them. You may also have gifts from God, but maybe you don't realize them. Let's spend time with us to find your gifts.


our​ I will introduce my brothers and sisters

Our Story

As each of them receives a gift, as a good manager of God's various graces

Use that gift to serve each other. (1 Peter 4:10)

As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving
one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Meet The Team


Tadashi Himei   Tadashi  Himei

​(Christian name  Samuel)

​Nationality Japan 

Born into a pastor's family, I inevitably became a Christian while always living near God.
"When I believed in God" 1978.4,2

Confession of faith at a large Christian rally
However, since I was born, I have been praying every day with the Bible, and I have naturally accepted and believed in God.
What I am glad to have faith in is that I can return to the origin when I encounter various situations.
God is deep in my heart, and when I am in pain or when I am full of joy, I can look up at "God ..." While spending my days centered on myself, sometimes God gives me a tough situation. You can look up at God again when you are overwhelmed.
There is a basis for my heart. Thank you for being alive by God.


​Favorite word

​Proverbs 3-5 Do your best to ask the Lord

Sammy is the eldest son of Rev. Masao Himei. He is widely used for piano accompaniment, event moderator, accounting audit, etc. Father of two fashionable girls ❤︎

Meet The Team


Hisami Yamaguchi  Kumi  Yamaguchi

​Nationality Japan 

From the time when the Showa era ended and the Heisei era began, I began to fly abroad. Every day I traveled to a strange world and interacted with many lands, cultures and people was exciting, but I couldn't see the future. I finally found my landing point. The existence of a church family who always welcomes you with a smile,
And I believe that the promise of eternal life in the kingdom after the end of this earthly life is not a desperate future, but a light of hope.

​Favorite word

Isaiah 40:31
But those who await the Lord will gain new power and can climb up like an eagle. You won't get tired even if you run

Cute Nyans brothers at Kumi's house





Kumi-nee is serving as a moderator and public relations text.

Meet The Team


Keiko Amano  Keiko Amano

​Nationality Japan 


Keiko's ceramic work

Keiko doesn't show it to anyone and makes the church beautiful and shiny. They also accept worship services and pray for donations.

Meet The Team


 Vo Kim Nguyen

​Nationality Vietnam


Nguyen has been in Japan for 10 years! I work for an IT-related company, and it is used a lot in my work. Recently, I am busy and working hard without a break. The church is a choir, receptionist and donor.

Meet The Team


Kim Jihye  


​Nationality South Korea

Chie always plays the praise piano accompaniment smoothly ♪.